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Upside-Down House Seems Dropped from the Sky


Citizens of Tertens, Austria, and its guests have now the opportunity to observe a wonderful architectural creation called the Upside-Down house.

The house is the work of Polish architects Marek Rozhanski and Irek Glowacki. The name of the project says it all - the house is turned upside-down with its roof standing on the earth and what is meant to be the exit to the balcony room is actually the entrance into the house.

In addition, everything inside the house is upside-down as well, including bedrooms, bathroom and living spaces. The whole structure seems to have fallen from the sky. Everything inside was created in a way to show that someone could have actually lived in the house, with toys being spread outside and in the living room and dining room.

The children's room has a fire truck bed, painted murals and a lot of stuffed toys, and of course all of them are attached to the ceiling - simply because it's an upside-down house.

And just like any other custom house, this architectural wonder has a garage where visitors can observe a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, along with extra tires and a number of instruments.

[via Buzz Feed]

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