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Victim of a Gang Rape Sentenced to 200 Lashes in Saudi Arabia


A Saudi 19-year old girl was sentenced to 200 lashes and six months of prison after she was raped by several men.

The 19-year old girl was charged for being in a man’s car, who was not a relative of hers at the time of the assault. This is a serious crime in Saudi Arabia.

After the first process the girl was sentenced to 90 lashes, whereas the aggressors where sentenced to a period of imprisonment from 10 months to 5 years. However, after the girl’s councilor appealed the decision of the first process, the sentence was made more severe. The judge claimed that the girl tried to influence him by using to the mass-media.

The corpus delicti of her crime was the fact that at the time of the assault she was in a car with her ex-husband. She wanted to make him return pictures of her, since she was getting married with another man.

According to Arab newspapers, the couple was sitting in the car, when a gang of 7 Sunni men approached the car and raped both of them. They state that the girl was raped 14 times.

The ex-husband was also sentenced to 90 lashes for being alone with the girl.

The girl’s councilor said in an interview that his client has been a victim to an immoral and monstrous crime and the court's decision contradicts all the Shia’s laws and also violates International conventions. He also claimed that the court should treat the girl as a victim and not as a criminal.

Rape-related crimes in Saudi Arabia could lead to severe punishment up to death sentence.

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