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Victorian on Mud Heap - Decaying House Made From Over 110,000 LEGO Pieces


Mike Doyle is an artist that managed to create a wonderful collection of abandoned houses using nothing but LEGO bricks. He was able to make not just some ordinary homes, but very detailed structures that look like real haunted houses.

In the picture you can see a house called "Victorian on Mud Heap". It is made of black, white, and grey LEGO pieces. The artists paid so much attention to detail that was able to create a truly dystopian dollhouse.

The house is 5.5ft tall and 5ft long. According to Doyle, his LEGO house is composed of 110,000 to 130,000 LEGO blocks and the most impressive thing is that the artist did not alter in any way any of the pieces.

He made repeated angled roofs to draw attention to the architectural majesty of homes built in Victorian style.

It took the artist about 600 hours to make the "Victorian on Mud Heap". It is Doyle's 3rd house in his series of Abandoned Houses.

Images via Flickr

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