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What words are most often frontpaged on digg?


Word Category Nr. Pages Nr. stories (approx.) Stories frontpaged (pages) Nr. of stories frontpaged (approx.) Most popular story dugg, times Story title URL
Game Hardware 2444 36660 155 2325 4862 Guy selling every NES game ever made on eBay!! With pics Link
Google Tech News 2356 35340 130 1950 7706 It's confirmed - Google buys YouTube for $1,6 billion Link
Web Design 1634 24510 54 810 5046 Worst Website ever? Why? Cause this is my WEB DESIGN TEACHERS site. Link
Microsoft Microsoft 1532 22980 80 1200 6623 Vista cracked totally by Paradox - Microsoft's in trouble now Link
Apple Apple 1375 20625 108 1620 22549 Apple announces iPhone Link
TOP Tech News 1293 19395 65 975 5259 What are the top 100 viewed Wikipedia pages Link
Blog Tech News 1060 15900 19 285 10389 Digg Unveils New Features - Kevin's Blog Post Explains with Video Link
Mac Apple 1031 15465 93 1395 6786 I hate Macs Link
Windows Software 1020 15300 69 1035 5453 Bill Gates on the Daily Show Promoting Windows Vista Link
War Politics 1013 15195 44 660 5267 What America could buy for $145 billion dollars (the 2007 Iraq war budget) Link
iPod Apple 962 14430 62 930 7323 RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use Link
Wii Gaming News 955 14325 89 1335 4945 Introducing Nintendo Wii Link
XBox Tech News 881 13215 56 840 3125 CONFIRMED! Xbox 360 will Sell for $100 on Amazon next Week Link
Vista Apple 865 12975 35 525 9316 Hi, I'd like to buy a copy of Vista (Image) Link
Movie Gadgets 858 12870 37 555 3947 Things computers can do in Movies Link
Linux Linux/Unix 815 12225 100 1500 4087 The Amazing 3D Desktop on Linux, This makes "Aero" look like a cheap toy!! Link
Ubuntu Linux/Unix 781 11715 31 465 3883 Father impressed with Ubuntu, thinks it's Vista Link
Bush Politics 748 11220 39 585 5108 Trump: Bush the worst president in the history of the United States Link
space Tech News 699 10485 34 510 6433 MySpace Gets Goatse'd! Link
Sony Tech News 674 10110 36 540 3992 Sony's Blu-Ray Goof Link
software Software 667 10005 26 390 3557 Ultimate list of over 150 (!) Free Windows Software from Microsoft Link
Picture Design 656 9840 42 630 8592 Digg needs a picture section Link
PS3 Gaming News 647 9705 46 690 5276 PICTURE: The Most Accurate PS3 Ad Link
Iraq Politics 643 9645 24 360 5267 What America could buy for $145 billion dollars (the 2007 Iraq war budget) Link
Digg Tech News 557 8355 50 750 15750 New Digg V3 Launched Link
Nintendo Gaming News 525 7875 50 750 6574 Nintendo:Customer service gone shockingly right Link
Yahoo Tech News 484 7260 22 330 5632 unfortunate placement of yahoo ad Link
Cool Gadgets 465 6975 19 285 10223 A new way to test your bandwidth (and it looks pretty cool too!) Link
Image Apple 456 6840 27 405 9316 Hi, I'd like to buy a copy of Vista (Image) Link
Pic World News 401 6015 27 405 9688 pic of Aqua Teen "terrorists" laughing in court Link
sex Offbeat News 387 5805 14 210 4388 ESPN Front page follow up to kid imprisonned 10 years for having oral sex Link
Amazing Tech News 386 5790 24 360 6117 Most accurate IP-tracing... Amazing Link
Program Software 381 5715 19 285 3515 Handy Freeware programs to put on a USB stick Link
iPhone Apple 367 5505 15 225 22556 Apple announces iPhone Link
Breaking Apple 344 5160 20 300 9299 How I learned to break in to Apple and Code for them without permission Link
Funny Offbeat News 227 3405 4 60 5547 Funny bathroom Graffiti (pic) Link
Awesome Offbeat News 216 3240 12 180 6625 How awesome is this for getting a test back from a professor?? [image] Link
Spam Tech News 205 3075 6 90 6011 AOL busted for spamming Digg Link
fun Security 203 3045 7 105 6567 So neighbors steal your wi-fi net access, kill the connection or have fun. Link
SEO Software 185 2775 1 6 947 SEO for FireFox launches Link
UPDATE for 'Ever' and 'Photo' (made on May 7, 2007)
Ever Design 549 8235 34 510 5852 One Of The Best Billboards You Will EVER See! (PHOTO) Link
Photo Tech Industry News 795 11925 45 720 7804 Dear Kevin Rose, Please Create a Photo Section - Sign The Petition Link

There are many words which attract attention and people who submit stories on know that. When you submit a story on digg you pay attention mostly to the title and description.

So I thought I could see what words are most widely used to attract people's attention. This decision of mine was also driven by a comment for a story on digg leading to a small program, which makes a prognosis for your story on The comment said that there was nothing special in that program, because if you don't use such words as 'Google', 'Microsoft', 'Linux' the program said you didn't have a chance on digg.

I figured it would be interesting seeing what word is most widely used to make a story popular. And here it is, my small research: "What words are most often frontpaged on digg?".

From the very beginning I asked myself how many stories there were, which had such words like 'top', 'breaking' or 'amazing' in their title's body. I was mistakenly thinking that they should be the most used words, for attracting visitors to that story. I was wrong. The winner was actually 'Game'. After all, we're all still kids!

As one can see, the majority of the words are used in the stories for technology related categories, though diggers are not apolitical, as such words as ''Bush', 'war' and 'Iraq' are very popular words for stories. However, this is driven only by the situation around the actions of the President. If everyone was happy about him, such stories as "I Love President Bush" would all be forgotten in the Upcoming Stories section.

As for the picture category on, which has been discussed for some time now, the approximate total number of stories containing the words 'picture', 'image' or 'pic' is over 22,000. And if you take into consideration the word 'photo' too (see update), you get get over 34,000 stories(!).

Note: The information provided was gathered on May 1st, 2007, searching the site The results are likely to have changed since then. An example of this is the story "Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0 " for the word "Digg", which not only was frontpaged, but was dugg over 35,000 times. This is due to an incident, when one digg user was banned for posting the key for copying HD-DVD (and possibly Blu-Ray) disks.

Another NOTE: There many word not included in this experimental research, yet it is certain, that the main words are here, or the majority of them. The are other very interesting stories, covering important events, but we have tried to limit ourself to words, giving at least 200 pages of stories in results. We were actually surprised ourselves that 'Kevin Rose' didn't make it on this list!

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