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Women Conflicted Over Whether It's Better to Be Smart or Beautiful


A poll carried out on Tuesday, March 24, for the American television network, Oxygen, found that women still have an ambiguous and intricate relationship with their personal image. The poll found that a quarter of questioned women would prefer winning the "America's Next Top Model" TV show than being nominated for and winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Despite the fact that 75 percent of women would shave their heads just to save the life of an unknown person, over a quarter of the participants confessed that they would make their best friend obese for life if it would make them (the participants) thin.

The poll that focused on the old dilemma about marrying a man for his wealth or looks showed that about half of women aged between 18 and 24 would marry a multimillionaire, regardless of his looks.

The survey also found that women aged between 18 and 34 would rather give up their mobile phones, jewelry and makeup just to maintain a friendship, reports Reuters.

According to Dr. Jenn Berman, psychotherapist and judge of the upcoming new competition reality Oxygen series "Pretty Wicked," the poll shows a rather interesting dissection of a contemporary woman and the way she relates her own image with the things she values in her life.

"As shown in several results, women today are a complex combination of altruistic and materialistic, vain and insecure, loyal and self-serving. This survey highlights the dichotomy in all of us," said Berman.

It is worth mentioning that over 2,000 women between 18 and 24-years-old were questioned for the survey.

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