Friday, 17 Oct, 2008 Offbeat

Woman Cuts Off Man's Head and Parades it through the Village


Woman, who was allegedly attacked by a stranger, chopped the man's head and paraded it through a market located in Makkapurva village in northern India, about 125 miles southeast of Lucknow. She was arrested shortly after terrified witnesses informed the police that a blood-soaked woman was marching through the village with a cut off head of a man.

According to police officer Ram Bharose, the woman, aged 35, told police that the man attacked her from behind when she wanted to cut grass to feed her cattle, CNN reports.

The police officer said that the woman cut off the man's head with a sickle in order to save her dignity. He added that the man presumably manage to bite the woman on the neck and cheek.

The woman said that she did not feel sorry for the man because he harassed and stalked her for 3 months. Bharose said that she would be accused with culpable homicide.

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