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Woman Divorces Husband After Catching Him Cheating in Virtual World


Today getting a "second life" is not that complicated, just log on to the Internet and you're free to find everything you consider suits you best. But sometimes getting too intimate online could lead to trouble. After a woman discovered that her husband had an affair with a computer-generated prostitute, she divorced the man.

Both Amy Taylor and David Pollard met each other in a chatroom and shortly after that they fell in love and got married. The happy couple was passionate about the online game, Second Life, where users are free to create a brand new identity, thus trying to accomplish fantasies that in real life could be considered taboo or impossible. When a user creates his or her 3D animated character, it is time to surf around the virtual world and get in touch with others.

Amy and David loved the game so much that after their real wedding, which took place in July 2005, they decided to celebrate the event online in Second Life, where thy held a virtual wedding ceremony. Ironically, their passion for the Internet served as the initiator of their relationship and at the same time it tore them apart.

When the 28-year-old Miss Taylor one day walked into her husband's room she saw that 40-year-old Mr Pollard was sitting at his computer watching his character having sex with another avatar in Second Life.

"I went mad - I was so hurt. I just couldn't believe what he'd done. It's cheating as far as I'm concerned. But he didn't see it as a problem, and couldn't see why I was so upset. He said I was just making a big fuss and tried to make out it was my fault for not giving him enough attention," she said.

Miss Taylor decided to hire an online detective from the game, paying him virtual money earned in Second Life. The detective supposed to investigate the adultery of Mr Pollard. It is worth mentioning that in their real life the couple was always able to bury the hatchet. In April of 2008 Mrs Taylor noticed her husband's avatar having cybersex with a female character. She noticed that her husband was chatting intimately with his virtual girlfriend, reported Daily Mail.

Despite the fact that Mr Pollard never met his virtual girlfriend in real life, his wife considered cybersex a real betrayal, saying that she was devastated. After Mr Pollard noticed that his wife entered the room, he turned off the monitor and then turned it back on saying that Mrs Taylor was free to check his chat history. However, after the computer was turned off the history automatically deleted an so there was nothing to read.

The woman said that her husband confessed of having a virtual affair with the female avatar from the United States and that they had been chatting for about two weeks. Mrs Taylor said: "he said our marriage was over and he didn't love me any more, and we should never have got married."

Three years after she filed for divorce, Mrs Taylor met another man while playing World of Warcraft. The two now live together in Newquay, Cornwall. She said it was hard for her to carry on with her life. Mrs Taylor mentioned that while others meet in virtual worlds, their marriage was real and it was serious because it existed in the real world.

"I know it sounds bizarre but he had admitted to an earlier incident and he knew how I felt about it," she said.

She now continues playing Second Life but not as much as she used to, due to the fact that she doesn't want to meet her husband there. Mr Pollard still considers that he had done nothing wrong. He said that the problem lied in his real relationship with Miss Taylor, who, according to Mr Pollard, never did anything around the house until he asked her.

"She just played World of Warcraft all the time. If I wanted to spend time with her I had to ask - but it was always too much trouble for her to come off the game to spend time with me," he said.

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