Friday, 28 Sep, 2007 Offbeat

Woman Kills her Lover with a Kiss


A woman from Henan Province, China was sentenced to death for giving her lover a poisonous kiss, Xinhua news reported yesterday.

Xia Xinfeng, a woman killer living in Maolou Village, Yuanyang County in Xinxiang City was in relationships with Mao Ansheng for many years. The couple made an agreement according to which one of them will have to die if he or she cheated on the other. After the woman found her lover talking to another woman she got jealous that lead her to think he had cheated on her, thus breaking the promise.

After investigation it was found that woman had a capsule with rat poison in her mouth that she passed to her lover during a kiss. The man swallowed the capsule and died.

The poisonous kiss became her punishment for going back on their commitment.

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