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Woman lived with bullet for 64 years


A Chinese woman, 77, who arrived at hospital with a headache was x-rayed to find a bullet that was in her head for 64 years.

Jin Guangying, a grandmother from Shuyang town, Jiangsu province recalls the incident that happened during the World War II in 1943. She was 13 year old girl, when Japanese soldiers invaded their province and one of them tried to kill her as she was taking meal to her father, who was a guerrilla. As Japanese army noticed her they started haunting and shot at her right ear.

Occasionally the bullet had passed through the arm of some other man, loosing its initial strength that was a possible reason for woman's survival.

After Jin Guangying regained consciousness, her mother took care of her, healing her daughter with herbals. It took no more than three months to turn back to normal health state.

The surgeon from the hospital removed the bullet successfully and woman's son was surprised to know that his mother spend 64 years with a bullet in her head. Doctors say it's a wonder that old woman survived and had no serious health problems. The only explanation is that bullet struck woman's head after passing another person, which saved her life.

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