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Woman lives with needles inside her body


Chinese woman came to a hospital suffering from blood in her urine, when doctors found her body pierced inside with 26 needles.

Luo Cuifen, a 29-year-old woman, is believed to have needles inserted in her body soon after birth by her grandparents, who were disappointed she was not a boy. After she arrived at hospital, X-ray showed numerous sewing needles all over her body, some very close to vital organs: lungs, bladder, liver, kidneys, head, neck, shoulders and others. One needle in her brain had broken into several pieces.

Though woman never complained of any health problems until she gave birth, performing an operation now is an urging necessity. She had two needles removed in the childhood, but the rest should be removed as soon as possible.

The doctors suspect that needles were introduced by her grandparents, who wanted a boy, however, there is no proof since her parents passed away.

Doctors were worried that removing needles from her body could be life-threatening. The hospital from Yunnan province where woman came, organized a team of 16 specialists, including those from abroad to decide on operation next week.

Chinese family planning policy gives a priority to boys and this still especially actual for rural areas. There are also a lot of cases where woman knowing she is expecting a girl decides on abortion or even killing a baby at birth.

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