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Woman on Trial for Sexual Abuse of her Children


A woman, who was accused of molestation of her three children, is to stand trial.

A 53 year old woman, whose name was not published to protect her children, faces charges of three counts of second-degree course of sexual conduct against a child and second-degree sexual abuse.

Her ex-husband, received a call from the doctor who was treating their eldest daughter from severe depression and psychotic delusions for many years. The doctor explained that what at first seemed like a bipolar disorder was actually a post-traumatic response to psychological and sexual abuse she suffered from her mother.

The man, 55 year old gynecologist witnessed at his wife's trial in Nassau County Court in Mineola. He told that at first their children's hostility towards mother seemed like a natural teenage behavior, but later he became more concerned about kid's attitude.

The man remembered, when their 11 year old son told that his mother was "a lesbian" with his younger sister, but thought that the boy meant his wife's habit of sleeping with their young daughter without any sexual context.

Prosecutors said that the woman sexually abused her youngest daughter with a Barbie doll and pressured her other two children to have oral sex while watching them.

The woman's lawyer, Kevin Keating of Garden City, claimed that the eldest daughter, now 24, suffered from delusions long before the alleged molestation is supposed to have taken place. He also added that the daughter's memories during therapy were quite unclear. The lawyer suggested that the younger children supported their sister, because they were angry at mother after the divorce. The son of the woman is expected to testify on Wednesday.

Source: Newsday

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