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Woman's Chin Can Signal About Her Infidelity


Scientists from the United States and Canada teamed up in order to discover the characteristics that attract people to their mates. The study, which is available in the journal "Personality And Individual Differences", shows that people with hard bodies, a rounded waist-hip ratio and strong chin lines are more likely to be better lovers but they are also more likely to cheat. The prominent jawline might signal about a woman's infidelity.

Women with larger chins have a high level of testosterone, a male growth hormone. It is worth mentioning that this hormone is present in all women but in different amounts.

Researchers analyzed women from four universities in the United States and Canada. Women were asked about their sexual relationships and fantasies. The study showed that men subconsciously avoid adult females who have a large chin.

Dr. Lorne Campbell, a psychologist from Western Ontario University, was the one to participate in the study. He said: "It is difficult to conceal physical features, such as facial characteristics, that are partly governed by testosterone and reliably correlate with one's sexual history and attitudes."

He added that this is the first study that states that women with more masculine facial features "might convey their sexual unrestrictedness and perhaps their long-term mate quality."

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