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Woman saved her baby with the ring


A pregnant woman survived in the shoot-out during the robbery in the center of Rio de Janeiro thanks to her wedding ring, media said.

The robbery took place at the drugstore in Monte Alegre were a woman, 32, was working, as a man break into and aimed point blank at her with the gun. In order to protect herself somehow, a woman raised her hand to avert the shot and a bullet hit her wedding ring to bounce later on.

After a shock, she fainted while the gunman went on shooting, causing minor injures to a pregnant woman. The lucky woman, who was at late pregnancy, was taken to the hospital. Doctors claimed she and her baby were safe and in good condition.

However the customers, a 17 and 11-year old girls, who visited the drugstore at that moment, were not given a chance to survive. Both were killed in a robbery.

After the funeral of the girls took place, the case raised public protest to stop the crimes that became common for Brazil. People are living in fear and say they cannot protect themselves and their families from the sudden threat that breeds in a country.

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