Tuesday, 26 Aug, 2008 Offbeat

Woman Tried to Kidnap Virtual Boyfriend


After her virtual boyfriend dumped her, an American woman became so distressed she decided to take a Taser (electroshock weapon), an air gun and a roll of duct tape and kidnap the man.

The 33-year-old Kimberly Jernigan, from North Carolina, was very upset with the fact that her "virtual bf" from Second Life, 52-year-old man from Delaware, broke up with her after the couple met face-to-face.

She was so distressed that she tried to kidnap the man at gunpoint from his workplace. She failed with her first attempt, but soon returned to Delaware being disguised as a postal worker. The woman tried to find his home address and the attempt proved to be successful.

Jernigan broke into the man's house being armed with a Taser, handcuffs, a BB gun, her dog and a roll of duct tape. On his way home the man noticed what looked like a laser beam that pointed at his chest. He instantly fled and called the police.

When police arrived at the man's apartment they noticed the woman's dog in the bath bound with duct tape. The woman was not there. The police found the woman at a roadside rest area. After a short struggle she was arrested and charged with burglary, aggravated menace and kidnapping attempt.

Jernigan could also face animal cruelty charges.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

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that woman probably insane! bitch!

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