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Woman Turned Her Pet Cat into Black Diamond


A woman, who was mourning over the death of her cat, decided to turn her pet into a one-third-of-a-carat black diamond.

Sue Rodgers, a 45-year old woman from UK wanted to have the ever-lasting memory of her beloved cat and had the unique diamond set in a gold ring.

The black diamond was the world's first gem created from ashes by the US company LifeGem that offers to transform dead people and animals into precious gems. The company says. "It is a way to embrace your loved one's memory day by day."

It took 2 grams of carbon remained from 100 grams of pet's ashes. The carbon extracted from the cat was put under diamond press and heated to temperatures of 3,000 degrees Celsius and than again was put under one million pounds of pressure for two weeks.

To create a black diamond, scientists applied a new technique by placing the grown gem under electrons for 24 hours. This resulted in a perfectly black color of the diamond. The gem was later cut and polished to be embedded with white diamonds and set in a gold band.

Sue Rodgers wanted a black diamond to remind her of her black 11-year-old cat Sooty who died unexpectedly. The woman said that not all ashes were used for creating a diamond and the owner can still have some of the remnants to store them as a memory.

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