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Woman with Two Uteruses Gives Birth to a Baby From Each


It may sound unbelievable, but a woman from Michigan, United States, who had two wombs, gave birth to two babies, one from each of the woman's uteruses.

The name of the 21-year-old woman is Sarah Reinfelder. She gave birth to twin daughters called Kaylin Joy and Valerie Marie, who were delivered 7 weeks premature through 2 Caesarean sections.

Doctors say that Mrs. Reinfelder's condition is called uterus didelphys, which involves a womb dividing itself in two parts, each having its own fallopian tube. Despite the fact that some women may not know they have this condition, statistics show that one in 3,000 women have it. But the most surprising fact is that the probability of carrying a baby in each womb is limited to one in 5 million.

The first of the delivered twins was Kaylin Joy, who weighted 3lb 15oz. Then Valerie Marie was delivered, having 4lb 15oz and being born from the larger womb. Due to the fact that the two babies have not completely developed the use of lungs, they would remain in the hospital under the doctors' supervision for about a month, informs The Mining Journal.

Despite the rareness of such cases, there were a number of similar cases documented. The first of its kind case was documented in 2006 when a British woman with two wombs gave birth to healthy triplets. Her name was Hannah Kersey and she was from Northam, Devon. She gave birth to a couple of identical twins from an egg that had implanted in one of the two wombs and then parted, and to a baby from an egg in the other womb. The probability of such condition is limited to one in 25 million.

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