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Women Are Unable to Come Up With Erotic Stories


The new owner of Erotic Review, a regular British magazine that includes articles about sex and eroticism, recently expressed her opinion regarding people who write about sex - she said that women simply do not have enough passion for sex and pay too much attention on feelings when writing "dirty" stories.

Kate Copstick mentioned that she would have only male writers working on the magazine, because they apparently know more about sex. She said that women are not straightforward about sex, whatever the reason is.

"It's almost like writing about food ... Ladies who lunch, should not really write about food because they don't really love food. They don't salivate at the thought of a great steak," said Copstick. Surely her comments raised criticism. A former journalist, who wrote for the magazine, Kathy Lette, said that 30 percent of women cannot reach orgasm, which means that men still have a lot to learn and women are the ones who should teach them.

It is worth mentioning that the 48-year-old Copstick is a former journalist, who previously wrote for the magazine and bought it in May shortly after Erotic Review's founder Jamie Maclean, stumbled upon financial difficulties. The critics describe Erotic Review as a middle-class porn magazine.

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