Thursday, 26 Apr, 2007 Offbeat

Women Find $70,000 on Junk-Yard


An interesting case happened in Aguazul, Colombia. A group of women were gathering old paper, glass and cans, when they ran onto a rather impressive sum of money: something equivalent to $70,000.

Jose David Castaneda, the public prosecutor in the Department of Casanare, said that this discovery was a simple accident.

The finding was reported by one of the relatives of the women, thus the police could retain the money to start investigating their origin.

The police reports that it is their main task now, to establish where the money came from, as it is highly possible the money to come from drug dealers.

The authorities claim that if the owner of the money will not be found, the entire sum will find its new owner, i.e. the women, who collected them while gathering the recyclables. The discoverers, however, are not very optimistic about these promises. Who would have been optimistic, in Colombia?

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