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Women in China Wish for More Babies


A research, carried out by the Chinese family-planning officials, shows that the majority of Chinese women are eager to have more than one child. The results of the study indicate that 70 percent of women want to have at least two babies.

It is worth mentioning that there is a policy in China that allows Chinese families to have only one child, and whoever violates that policy have to face a fine and is often being discriminated at work.

According to Chinese authorities, the policy helped prevent hundreds of millions births and improve the life of people in China, many of whom became wealthier. Although the study was carried out in 2006, its results were announced only now. To note that China has the world's biggest population with 1.3 billion people living and working in the country. Since 1970s the country restricted the number of births for most families to one child.

Jiang Fan, vice-minister of the National Family Planning Commission, mentioned that 83 percent of women want to have a boy and a girl. "Some mothers think only-children suffer from loneliness and can become spoiled," the China Daily quoted the minister as saying.

A lot of only children in People's Republic of China are called "little emperors" because of the love and treats their parents lavish upon them. The country's one-child policy has raised a lot of controversies both at home and abroad, mainly due to the fact that a lot of women were forced to have abortions or face other abuses. In addition, the policy is responsible for a gender imbalance because most Chinese families want to have a baby boy, thus choosing to have an abortion if pregnant with a girl.

"China's family planning policy underpins the country's economy and demographics," Li Bin, minister of the commission, was quoted as saying. Although the results of the survey show that most Chinese women want more children, the commission stated that China will be able to achieve its goal of maintaining its population with 1.36 billion by the end of 2010.

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