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Women More Likely to Eye Hairy Men During Recession


During the global economic crisis women pay less attention to metrosexuals and gaze more at hairy men, says a sociologist from Australia.

According to demographer Bernard Salt, with the continuing impact of the recession on people's lifestyles, women are more likely to see a motor mechanic as their life partner rather than a man working as an investment banker.

The researcher considers that during the economic slowdown there is a theory which states that women are more worried about safety, security and food supply, which is why their tastes change, shifting from hairless metrosexuals to primal, hairy men.

If you think you're a real man and not try to be like the male models on the catwalk, you should be able to attract women, know what to say and be able to ask for them on a date.

Bernard Salt considers that with the recession, the preferred body shape is going to "shift from hairless, sleek, a bit wimpy, to the more muscular".

At the same time there is a great probability that the way women look at a movie-star will also change. They will be more likely to watch the sweaty Russell Crowe instead of fragrant Leonardo DiCaprio. "I'm sure that's quite appealing to some women and the market for that will expand," said Salt.

The researcher predicted that some of the most searched for bachelors would be men, whose marketable skills were always in demand, such as plumbers and electricians. However, there's little chance that another trend will shift, and that is women desiring handsome men more than simply good breadwinners, reports Health24.

Salt mentioned that 20 years ago women were more likely to see the Bachelor of the Week a man who was fully clothed. Nowadays, however, men are illustrated wearing only their knickers.

"It's the objectification of men, the 'we can do it too'. It's terrific fun. It shows a greater confidence in women," he said.

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