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Women Rate Men with Deep Voices Higher


Men with deep voices have more chances to attract a woman and father more children than their thready-voiced rivals. Scientists believe, women judge a man's masculinity by his voice, and deep-voiced men are considered more attractive.

As proved by the study conducted by Canadian and American scientists, women perceive men with deep voices as more dominant, healthier, self-confident and masculine. Men, in turn, think women with high-pitched voices are nicer, more feminine, healthier and younger.

The scientists carried out the research specifically to find out whether the irresistible attractiveness of deep-voiced men was related to fathering more children. The researchers focused their attention at a Tanzanian tribe with no access to modern health-care, contraception or fertility treatment.

They recorded the voices of about 100 men and women and asked them how many children they had. The researchers discovered a close link between a man's voice and his family size, with those having the deepest voice also having the biggest number of children.

The scientists concluded that deep-voiced men had more access to fertile women. Still, they warned men that they would not become more popular with women by affecting a deeper voice as women can easily tell when someone is faking such things.

As for female voices, the researchers discovered no link between a voice pitch and the number of children she had. But the studies have proved that when a woman has more chances of becoming pregnant, she becomes most attracted to deep-voiced men.

But when a woman's libido and fertility are low, she perceives those with higher tones as better material for a long-term relationship.

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