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Women Started Drinking More Alcohol Drinks

According to the statistics received by European scientists, beginning with 1998, the number of women who had been regularly drinking increased twice. If in 1998 only 7 percent of the European women drank alcohol each week, then at the present this figure is 15 percent.

The most interesting fact is that factors that are usually related to alcoholism are not the ones to play a role here. Not poverty or bad life conditions make a woman drink more alcohol, but, on the contrary, a good financial state, scientists consider. They say that during the last 10 years ladies have become more independent, both from the material, and from the spiritual point of view. They have greater successes in their careers, have higher professional positions, earn more money and many of them can handle their lives without men. Fewer women nowadays create a family or make children, most of them are occupied with their careers and have fun in bars and clubs.

Besides, market strategies of alcohol producers also have an important role. Researchers underline that alcohol sale has greatly increased as well. Wine culture is now extended all over Europe and in many families a bottle of wine is considered an obligatory attribute of dinner.

According to Daily Mail, overall women drink more wine than men. More than that, fashion magazines and even movies make alcohol drinks an element of one's "glamorous" image. Take for example the popular series of "Sex and the City" – the main actress drinks her favorite cocktail in almost every third episode.

Age tendencies related to alcohol consumption are also worth mentioning. Scientists say that alcohol consumption increased among pensioners. Traditionally, old people are considered the smallest group among those who enjoy drinking alcohol, but, over the last years, the situation has changed. It is possibly related to their small life quality improvement – mostly, now they have got the financial possibility of buying alcohol.

From another point of view, teenagers from 11 to 13 years old also began drinking more and parents are to blame, since their influence on children's life is well-known – if adults start drinking more, their children usually start repeating their actions. Besides, alcohol is more available now.

It is also interesting to mention that the majority of women prefer drinking alcohol at home and not in bars or other public places.

A good education is one of the factors that increase the risk of alcoholism development in women.

Unmarried or divorced women are more likely to consume alcohol in large quantities.

Surprisingly, the main part of women who drink alcohol lead an active lifestyle and take more care of their health than the others.

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