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World's Biggest Indoor Golf Facility

The largest indoor golf arena
The largest indoor golf arena
The largest indoor golf arena to be build in the Netherlands
The largest indoor golf arena - look from inside

The largest indoor golf arena in the world will be opened in the Netherlands in 2010. The arena will represent an 18,000 sq. meter state-of-the-art indoor building, which will offer recreation and professional training services for all golfers. Anyone can spend time playing golf without paying attention to weather conditions.

The golf training facility will have on its top high quality business facilities. In addition customers will benefit from golf courses for children, a wellness center (which includes a sauna and spa), a restaurant, lounge, bar, a huge shop selling golf equipment, conference and meeting rooms, sky lounges and a 4 start hotel. What more can a golfer wish?

The facility will have 34 bays and 14,000 sq. meters of golf practice facilities, featuring chipping greens, bunkers and water hazards.

The entire building is a project developed by several Dutch companies, considered to be leaders in the golf sector. Among them, there are: a notable developer Indoor Golf Project and a company that develops golfing simulators ProTee United. The latter will install 20 simulators within the giant indoor facility.

It is expected that the Indoor Golf Arena will attract 150,000 visitors each year. It is worth mentioning that the project is supported by the Professional Golfers Association Europe (PGAE).

Management of the Indoor Golf Project looks forward to build up to ten Indoor Golf Arenas around the world.

"In addition, approximately 250 smaller satellite versions of Indoor Golf Arena will operate under exclusive Indoor Golf Arena license and support the worldwide Indoor Golf Arena concept," said Jon Standing, Chief Executive of Indoor Golf Project.

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