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World's Steepest Rollercoaster Opened in the UK


Meet the rollercoaster that was registered as the steepest in the world. Costing 4 million pounds ($6,480,000), the Mumbo Jumbo goes down at 112 degrees and then takes you through a number of tight turns. The Guinness Book of Records listed the rollercoaster as the world's steepest. Check out other articles about world records at

The rollercoaster puts you through 4g, which is the same g-force that pilot fighters experience. The ride is 98 feet high and was opened at Flamingo Land, found next to Malton, North Yorkshire.

"A roller coaster represents a really well choreographed sequence of unusual stimuli," mentioned Brendan Walker, director of Thrill Laboratory and a visiting senior research fellow at the University of Nottingham.

The ride offers a very exiting experience that lasts for just 38 seconds. "There's nothing like it anywhere in the UK or Europe. In fact, you'd have to travel to Indiana Beach in the USA to come anywhere close and even then, our 'coaster is steeper by one degree," said Gordon Gibb, Chief Executive of the park.

According to Carl Saville from Guinness World of Records the ride had to complete ten successful rides in order to be officially recorded as the steepest in the world.

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