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Would-be Suicide Jumper Pushed Off Bridge by a Frustrated Passer-by


A man, who decided to commit suicide, was pushed off a bridge by a passer-by who was unhappy about the selfish activity of the would-be suicide jumper.

According to Chinese media, the 66-year old Lian Jiansheng was walking along the Haizhu Bridge, found in the city of Guangzhou, when he noticed Chen Fuchao who carried on saying he would jump off the bridge.

Because of Chen the traffic stuck for 5 hours and Lian decided to push through the barricades and climb up to sti near Chen.

The first step was a friendly handshake, and when Chen shook Lian's hand, the latter pushed him off the bridge. Chen fell from a distance of 26 feet and onto an emergency air cushion that the police installed on the ground. After the fall, Chen managed to survive with his elbow and spine injured.

According to Xinhua new agency, at the moment Chen is in hospital and recovering.

"I pushed him off because jumpers like Chen are very selfish," explained Lian. He considers that such would-be suicide jumpers do not really intend to commit suicide, but simply hope to catch the attention of the relevant government authorities. .

The reason why Chen wanted to commit suicide is because his construction project failed, leaving him with a debt of 2 million yuan, which is about $294,000.

Lian, in his turn was taken away by police and there has been no information on whether the man is going to be charged with any offence.

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