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WWII Veteran Makes His Own Flying Machine


The 97-year-old British veteran of World War II, who is passionate about flying, decided to create his own flying machine, called Zeus III.

It is worth mentioning that Wing Commander Kenneth Wallis has> been flying aircrafts since 1936. His latest creation features parts of a motorcycle and a huge lawn mower in the engine.

The Zeus III can fly for about 30 seconds. It has twin propellers, rotor blade, steering lever and a saggy mesh seat installed at the back of the basic engine and fuel tank.

With his flying machine, Kenneth Wallis looks forward to reach a speed of 130 mph, which would break his previous record of 129.1mph. However, to be able to reach his goal, Wallis may have to go to the United States or France, due to the fact that UK Civil Aviation Authority limits the top speed of Autogyros to only 70mph.

More information you can find here.

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