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Young Man Stuffed His Cat into Marijuana Bong to Quiet the Animal Down


A man stuffed the cat of his girlfriend into a makeshift marijuana pipe in order to calm down the animal. According to Area Schomaker of Lincoln he had done this previously and it always worked. In addition, he confessed that he had no intention of harming the cat, called Shadow, which was six months old.

The 20-year-old man was found guilty of misdemeanor animal cruelty and was fined by the Sheriff's deputies who reacted to a domestic disturbance at the dwelling. They caught the young man smoking marijuana from a boxlike device. The cat was stuffed inside the contraption's 12-inch by 6-inch base.

According to Sgt Andy Stebbing, police also fined the man's girlfriend, Marissa Vieux, for animal cruelty because she did not intend to stop Schomaker. The 22-year-old Vieux said that about two moths ago she took the animal from her friends, because they abused the cat.

The young man said that the cat used to scratch and bite him and his girlfriend, but he didn't want to train it by swatting water over the animal. In addition, he said that they had in mind to bring Shadow to an animal shelter but they thought that it would be put down.

Schomaker made a makeshift pipe after hearing that some pet owners used to calm their animals by blowing marijuana smoke at them.

"Every time we took her out [from the bong] she would pretty much just lay down and proceed to clean herself and act like a stoned person," Schomaker said.

It is worth mentioning that the bong featured a short piece of garden hose that came of a Plexiglas box. The top was secured with a duct tape. According to Schomaker, the pipe was made in such a way that the animal did not get dunked in smoke to the degree some might think.

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