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Yunak Evleri - Luxury Hotel Located Within Ancient Caves


In the center of Turkey visitors can find a wonderful landscape dotted with a number of ancient caves, six of which, dating back to the 5th and 6th century, were turned into a very unique 5-star hotel with 30 rooms. The hotel is called Yunak Evleri.

It would be interesting to note that each room in the cave has been decorated with Ottoman era antiques, a personal spa and a patio. In each room the guest will be able to discover medallions, nooks and arches. The other part of the hotel is a restored 19th century Greek mansion located next to the caves.

A lot of caves were decked out of the soft limestone cliffs found in the region of Cappadocia, the history of which goes back to the 6th century. Finished in 2000, the hotel has been equipped with Wi-Fi and a number of different gadgets.

Guests have the opportunity to explore other regions of the caves where they can find cave homes and even churches dotting the region. The restaurant built on rooftop offers panoramic views of the ancient land, reports Inhabitat.

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