US scientists have invented a light source that could successfully substitute light bulbs we use everywhere today. The innovative light source represents the organic light-emitting diode - OLED. It emits a brilliant white light when you attach it to an electricity supply.

It is possible to print the material in wafer thin sheets that could be used to transform walls, ceilings and even furniture into lights. The OLEDs do not heat up like traditional light bulbs, implying they are remarkably energy-efficient and last longer. Moreover, the light produced by the OLEDs is more like natural daylight in comparison to bulbs.

Technology (08 Oct, 2010)
Wrist-Mountable Flexible OLED Screen Developed for the U.S. Army
The Universal Display Corporation said that it managed to create a 4.3-inch, 320 x 240 OLED screen and deliver several devices to the US Army where specialists will carry out military evaluation testing. ...
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Technology (27 May, 2010)
Latest Invention: Flexible OLED Display from Sony
On May 26, the tech giant Sony announced about the creation of the world's first prototype flexible color video screen. The company's flexible Organic Light Emitting Display is so small that can be rolled around a pencil. ...
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Technology (07 Oct, 2009)
Latest Invention: Super-thin Flexible OLED Screen Developed by Sony
Recently Sony presented several prototypes that feature the company's latest invention - a super-thin, flexible OLED technology. ...
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Technology (09 Oct, 2009)
Latest Invention: Small OLED Squares for Infinite TVs
Mitsubishi has recently presented at CEATEC its huge 155-inch TV composed of tiny OLED squares. The latest invention used by the company allows creating TVs of unlimited sizes. ...
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Technology (04 Jan, 2011)
Sony to Create Large-Screen Rollable OLED Television Sets
Researchers at Sony are working on a rollable large-screen OLED TV. In the near future, the company plans to launch a lineup of these television sets. ...
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Technology (26 Jan, 2011)
Sony to Launch PSP2 Featuring OLED Display and 3G Support
Sony said that soon it will launch its new PSP2 that will be equipped with an OLED display. ...
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Technology (09 Feb, 2011)
Mitsubishi Unveils Diamond Vision Curved OLED Display at ISE-2011
After unveiling its Diamond Vision curved OLED display at this year's ISE, Mitsubishi set up a new standard in the field of consumer electronics. ...
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Technology (14 Apr, 2011)
Latest Invention: VELVE - Light Changing OLED Panels
Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group teamed up with Verbatim to create the world's first commercial OLED light panels able to change colors. The invention is called VALVE. ...
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Technology (02 Jun, 2011)
Museum in Tokyo to Unveil World's Largest OLED Globe
Recently Mitsubishi Electric Corporation stated that it managed to mount a huge OLED globe that can be observed at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation located in Tokyo. ...
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Technology (04 Jan, 2012)
LG Electronics to Present World's Largest 55-inch OLED TV at CES 2012
At this year's CES LG looks forward to presenting its new HDTV which it claims to be the world's largest OLED TV boasting a 55-inch display and a thickness of just 4 mm. ...
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Technology (30 Apr, 2013)
Latest Invention: LG Unveils World's First Curved OLED TV
LG says that it is going to become the world's first firm to begin commercializing the technology and that the first to obtain the Curved OLED TV in May will be people of South Korea. ...
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Science (19 Apr, 2007)
New Electronic Display to Be Used on Clothes and Beer Cans

Scientists working on the international project are looking forward to bring the organic light emitting devices to the masses. Thus the invention could significantly cut costs by billions of dollars each year.

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Technology (26 Oct, 2010)
Verykool Unveils R80 - Tough Cell Phone for Tough Conditions
It is rather difficult to find a phone that would boast an appealing design and at the same time be waterproof and shock-resistant. ...
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Technology (19 Oct, 2010)
Latest Invention: Implantable Flexible LEDs for Medical Monitoring
A team of scientists decided to create flexible ultra-thin sheets of LEDs and photodetectors that can be implanted under human skin to help perform different biomedical applications. ...
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Technology (03 Sep, 2010)
Cinemizer Plus - 3D Glasses from Carl Zeiss
For several years Carl Zeiss has been marketing its famous Cinemizer video glasses. Recently the company decided to equip its glasses with 3D capability. ...
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