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Health & Fitness (07 Mar, 2009)
Regular Physical Exercises Improve Memory
Scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Pittsburgh have determined that old people can fight for their future, can stimulate the growth of brain's structures and, in consequence, can improve certain types of memory, with the help of the simplest of the methods. ...
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Health & Fitness (08 Aug, 2007)
Your Health is fine, Mr. Bush!
President Bush is in excelent shape, says the report of his yearly medical examination. ...
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Health & Fitness (30 Dec, 2008)
Woman's Waist Depends On Her Personality
It is widely known that a lot of factors influence the size and the shape of a woman's waist, including diet, physical exercises, hormones and even the woman's personality. ...
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Health & Fitness (09 Feb, 2009)
Good Physical Shape With Short High-Intensity Trainings Is Possible
A healthy lifestyle and fitness has become a luxury, which many people can't afford. Our busy timetables sometimes give us lack of sleep, not even mentioning lack of physical exercises. ...
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Health & Fitness (21 Feb, 2009)
Lonely People Have Weak Health
Psychologists affirm that loneliness is not less dangerous for a person than smoking and overweight. The lack of relationships with other people not only makes us unhappy, but also influences negatively on our body and mind. ...
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Health & Fitness (30 Mar, 2009)
Subway Trips Are Useful For Our Health
The public transport may not be very comfortable, but it is useful. At least this is what Canadian scientists say about subway trips: they replace the daily dose of physical exercises. ...
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Health & Fitness (26 May, 2009)
Woman Lost 25 Kg Thanks To Hypnosis
A British woman has lost circa 25 kg after being insufflated under hypnosis that she was subdued to a surgical operation for reducing her stomach. ...
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Science (10 Nov, 2008)
Researchers Figure Out the Most Irritating Things
A nation wide survey, showed that the top three of the most irritating things reported by 4400 Australians are telemarketing calls, bad drivers and poor customer service. ...
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Offbeat (16 Mar, 2011)
Top 10 World's Oldest People
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