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Offbeat (03 Apr, 2007)
Russia's Internet Award Was Given Away
Russian's have their own way of celebrating the best web resources on the Russian Internet. They have an award, called "The ROTOR", which is given way every year to a series of best sites. ...
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Offbeat (10 Sep, 2007)
Comments from Digg
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Science (12 Sep, 2008)
One in Ten Schoolchildren Believes in Creationism
One of the leading scientists in Great Britain stated that creationism should be taught in science lessons in order to reduce the uncertainty among the increasing number of children who were taught to reject the theory of evolution. ...
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Current Events (17 Dec, 2008)
Some of the Most Important Events of the Outgoing 2008
The year 2008 is almost at the finish line, but before it comes to an end it would probably be interesting to review this year's most important events. ...
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Science (12 Jan, 2009)
Ground-based Bacteria May Produce Rain
A new study found that bacteria may have the ability to produce rain without leaving the ground. This is in case the powerful detergents, produced by bacteria, are able to reach the clouds. ...
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Environment (15 Jan, 2009)
Car Exhaust Fumes Increase Lightning Strikes
Besides warming our planet, exhaust fumes from cars was found to increase lightning strikes for many miles around. ...
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Technology (13 Aug, 2009)
Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Driverless Vehicles
At Heathrow Airport engineers are testing their latest invention - personal driving pods that will transport travelers to their destinations non-stop and at the same time reduce the level of pollution and eliminate overcrowding. ...
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Current Events (01 Sep, 2009)
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 6 Latest Inventions of August 2009
InfoNIAC Presents is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from each month. ...
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Technology (28 Apr, 2011)
Top 10 Robotic Exoskeletons
With a great development in the robotics field, different companies started building exoskeletons some of which were initially intended to be used by the military, others hit the traditional market to help people with physical disabilities. ...
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Technology (16 Jul, 2011)
Top 10 Inventions Made in USSR
During the Soviet era brought a lot of inventions, some of which changed the course of history others raised the bar in numerous fields, including engineering and medicine. ...
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Technology (07 Nov, 2011)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of October 2011
Robot that automatically moves around the house taking pictures, 3D body scanner that helps you select the most suitable pair of jeans and tiles that generate power when you walk over them are just three out of ten incredible inventions described on our website in October 2011. Discover more. ...
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Technology (17 Nov, 2011)
iControlPad - Gadget that Turns a Handset or Tablet Into Personal Gaming Device
The new gaming controller has been created by a team of British and German designers. It allows a user to connect their smartphone to the pad and plane video games using a myriad of real physical buttons. ...
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Offbeat (16 May, 2012)
Artist Makes Lifelike Sculptures of People Using Recycled Newspapers
Will Kurtz is a talented artist that became known for his detailed sculptures of people of all ages made from colorful newspapers and magazines. ...
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Technology (18 May, 2012)
Map of Life - Discover What Animals Live in Your Area
The Map of Life website was created so people would know what animal species can be discovered where they live. ...
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Technology (25 Jun, 2012)
High-Tech Seesaw Equipped with LEDs Offers Fun Physics Lesson
ENESS is a design group with headquarters in Melbourne that managed to come up with a seesaw equipped with hundreds of LED lights along with a physics engine that allows studying the forces at work on the playground staple. ...
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