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Poll #34

InstantTrust - UV Water Purifier
Pavegen Tiles - Power through Kinetic Energy
Mirror that Shows Your Heart Rate
Electric Helicopter
Sound-Absorbing Curtain
Exoskeleton for Paraplegics
Solarball - Water Purification Invention
BrainDriver - Control Your Car with Your Mind
Solar-Powered Roads

Poll #33

Gold-Covered Washable Textile
World's Stickiest Adhesive Tape
Ballistic Clipboard
Ultraviolet Water Purifier
Robotic Pillow Solves Snoring Issues
mPowerPad: Charger, Lamp and Ultrasonic Insect Repellent
Tech that Converts Objects Into Computer Interface
Robot that Works Autonomously Using Kinect
Robotic Guide Dog
ExoPC Multitouch Table

Poll #32

Robot that Takes Pictures Automatically
3D Body Scanner Helps Select Ideal Clothing
System that Automatically Spots and Gathers Ripe Strawberries
Pavegen Tiles that Generate Electricity from Footsteps
Ball Camera that Makes Panoramic Pictures When Thrown Up
Robots Able to Play Ping-Pong
UAV that Generates More Energy than Usual Wind Turbines
LED Lamp That Can Work for 37 Years
Apparatus that Generates Power from Breathing
AlphaDog - Robot that Carries Heavy Loads

Poll #31

PC Mouse and Scanner in One
Device that Makes Chairs from Plastic Waste
Mirror Able to Calculate Heart Rate
Sand Bricks Created with the Help of CO2
Printing Paper that Can Be Reused 260 Times
Robotic Nurse
Smartphone App that Identifies Malaria
Solution that Makes Garments Bacteria-Free Forever
Solar-Powered 3D Printing Device Turns Sand into Glass
Touchscreen Car Window

Poll #30

Wearable Device that Detects Toxic Chemicals
Robotic Helpers from Panasonic
Brain Scanning System for Handset
Health-Monitoring T-Shirt
Autonomous Robotic Tractor
Roads Powering Electric Vehicles
LED Markings for Multi-Sport Fields
Typewriter that Makes Cocktails
Bottles of Clean Water that Replace Bulbs
Electric Helicopter

Poll #29

Miniature France
Soviet Moscow
Modern Moscow
City of Popular Religious Structures
Shenzhen Window of the World
Toothpick City

Poll #28

Airport Security System that Sniffs and Scans
Smart Fabric Charges Gadgets that Lie on It
Small High-Tech Microscope for Kids
See-Through Sound-Absorbing Curtain
World's Smallest Medical Video Camera
Laptop with Built-in Breast Cancer Screening System
Jacket with Heating Packs to Keep You Warm
Robot Mannequin to Help Online Shoppers
Inexpensive Complex Prosthetic Hand
Bikini that Charges Gadgets While You Take Sunbaths

Poll #27

AbioCor Artificial Heart
Bio-Artificial Liver
Camera Pill
Bionic Contact Lens
iLIMB Bionic Hand
Robots Helping Perform Surgeries
Mind-Reading Device
Elekta Axesse
Berkeley Bionics eLEGS Exoskeleton

Poll #26

Portable Water Cooling Device
Glasses to Help Identify Criminals
High-tech Toilet Seat
OLED Panels that Can Change Colors
Gadget that Produces Power from Noise
New Robotic Exoskeleton for Paraplegics
Mouse System Controlled Using Eyes Only
Gadget that Scans and Translates Words from Books
RW Blu-ray Disc With 100GB Capacity
Jeans with Built-in Drum Kit

Poll #25

Interactive 3D Holographic Display
Artificial Leaf that Produces Electricity
Huge Touchscreen Microscope
Solarball - Device that Cleans Polluted Water
Lens that Takes Images From 9 Angles At Once
High-Def Display Controlled with the Help of Physical Gestures
Camera that Takes Color Pictures in the Dark
System That Can Spot Authors of Anonymous Emails
New-Gen Lie Detector for Airports
Camera that Sees Hidden Things

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