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Poll #24

BrainDriver - Tech that Helps Control a Car Using the Power of Mind
MEME-CAM - Tiny Camera for Everyday Use
Bicycle that Cleans Water
Prosthetic Limb Controlled Using the Power of Mind
Device that Informs the Man When His Woman is Cheating
Japanese Humanoid Robot for the Elderly
Animal-Like Robot that Helps Carry Cargo in Warzones
Robot that Gives Golf Lessons
Robotic Hummingbird Equipped with Tiny Camera
Glass that Produces Electricity

Poll #23

Table that Allows Sharing Pictures on Handsets
Solar-Powered Roads
Holographic TV System
Robotic Waiter Able to Take and Delivers Orders
Smallest Camera with Zoom
Garbage Can that Responds to a Person's Activity
LED Display Equipped with a Solar Panel
Packaging that Signals the Buyer When Food is Spoiled
Drinking Fountain that Harnesses Solar Energy
BioKey - High-Tech Security System for Bikes

Poll #22

Robots Closer to Humans
Anti-Stress Pen
Device that Creates Rainbows
Holographic Digital Maps
Device that Converts Light into Energy
Device that Converts Heat and Light into Power
Pads that Generate Energy from Passing Trains
Air Conditioner that Harnesses Solar Energy
iPhone App that Translates Foreign Words on Pictures
eReader that Harnesses Solar Energy

Poll #21

Pills Equipped with Microchip for Health Monitoring
3D Printer that Makes Big Objects
Material that Holds Huge Amount of Holographic Data
Speed Camera Able to Spot 5 Violations at Once
Cake Printer that Pops Out Cake Decorations
Device that Turns Methane into Electricity
Technique that Tells One's Age by a Blood Drop
Touchscreen Made of Ice
Camera that Captures Scenes Hidden from the View
Vending Machine that Knows What People Want

Poll #20

Upgraded Exoskeleton from Lockheed Martin
World's Smallest HD Display
New Tech to Help Plant 900,000 Trees a Day
Interactive Mirror with Various Applications
Implantable Flexible LEDs for Biomedical Apps
1TB Optical Disc from TDK
Surgical Robot Able to Provide Tactile Feedback
Gadget that Turns Devices' Waste Heat Energy into Electricity
Advanced Exoskeleton for Paraplegics
World's Most Advanced Driving Simulator from Lexus

Poll #19

Raytheon's XOS 2 Exoskeleton
Hair-Washing Machine
Visually Impaired Assistant
Technology that Powers Phones with Sound Waves
Virtual Garage
Perpetual Motion Device that Produces Power from Gravity
Flexible See-Through Solar Cells for Windows
Tread-Walk to Help the Elderly and Disabled
Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot
Paper-Based Lithium-Ion Batteries

Poll #18

Machine Able to Convert Plastic Into Oil
Robot Suit that Helps Elderly Farmers
Toothbrush that Cleans Teeth Without Toothpaste
Nanotech Tea Bag that Filters Water Using
Lamp that Turns Any Table-Top Into 3D Screen
Gadget that Shows Spoken Words on User's Glasses
System that Translates in Real-Time
Structure that Boosts the Power of Wind Turbines
Razor Blade Tipped with Synthetic Diamonds
Robotic Arm That Attaches to Wheelchair to Help the Disabled

Poll #17

Program that Superimposes Historical Pictures On Modern Ones
Life Microscope Unveiled by Hitachi
Glass Window that Produces Electricity
Technology That Helps You Feel 3D Pictures
Battery the Recharges When Shaken
Bionic Legs from New Zealand
System that Can Cool a Supercomputer With Hot Water
Computer Mouse You Cannot See
Wallet that Controls Your Spending
Powerful Battery Composed of Xenon and Fluoride

Poll #16

First Interactive Film
Supersonic Green Aircraft
Humanoid Robot from Hitachi
System That Uses Dog Poop to Generate Electricity
Air Conditioner Powered by Solar Energy
Air Filter That Generates O2 for the Wearer and CO2 for Power
Thin Piezoelectric Waterproof Speaker
3D Holographic Display Allows Viewing from All Angles
Remote-Controlled Robo-Fish Guiding Fish from Polluted Areas
Virtual Pottery Wheel Allows Making Real Pottery

Poll #15

Solar-Powered LED Screen
Elastic Fabric With Solar Panels
Lightweight, Small Night Vision Device
Software that Turns Hand Motion into 3D Image
Helmet Powers Gadgets Using Solar and Wind Energy
Software that Allows Making Own 3D Digital Books
Traffic Light System that Stops Cars to Save Fuel
Elastic OLED Screen
Solar Cells Printed on Paper
Robotic Nano-Spiders

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