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Poll #14

Huge Panoramic High-Res Display
Soundproof Panels Made of Latex Membranes
Software that Captures Sports Games Robotically
Technology that Harnesses Electricity From Fluorescent Light
Small, Handy Ultrasound Scanner
Nano-Generators Used in Clothes to Power Gadgets
See-through Protective Spray-on Liquid Glass
System that Conveys Sound Waves Via Teeth
Water-based Material - Replacement for Plastics
Table that Makes Music Lessons More Fun

Poll #13

Piezoelectric Shower
Device that Identifies Fire Outbreaks
Eco-Friendly Gadget with Flexible Screen
Gaming Vest that Makes FPS Games More Realistic
Device Spays Skin Cells to Heal Burn Injuries
T-Shirt that Serves as Body Armor
System that Finds Data on Objects You Look At
pCubee - Watch in 3D Without Glasses
RC Robotic Skateboard
Porn Magazine the Blind and Visually Impaired

Poll #12

Machine Able to Reproduce Tsunamis
Scanner Able to Scan a 200-Page Book in Seconds
DNA Suit to Help Tackle Counterfeiting
Solar Road Panels
Windows Generating Power from Sunlight
Application That Uses AR to Help See Through Walls
ePassport Featuring Flexible AMOLED Display
Technology That Converts Lip Motion into Computer-Generated Voice
Technology That Turns Arm into Touchscreen
Device that Delivers Drugs Using Micro Needles

Poll #11

Storage Battery that Powers Your Home for a Week
Green Battery that Holds 6,000 Hours
Software Automatically Spots Virus Attack and Generates Repair Patches
Sky Pods
Vaginal Liquid Condom
Synthetic tree that captures CO2

Poll #10

Storage Battery that Powers Your Home for a Week
Motorized Knee That Helps You Run Faster
Device that Collects Solar Energy to Power Electronic Contact Lenses
Bionic Fingers that Allow Holding Fragile Objects
Portable Solar-powered Fridge
Bicycle Wheel 2.0. that Gathers Kinetic Energy
Color-shifting Contact Lenses That Notify Diabetics of Low/High Glucose Level
3D Bio-printer that Can Produce Human Organs
Hummingbird Robot that Could Help Save People
Solar Panels that Collect Energy Using Both Sides

Poll #9

Green Battery that Holds 6,000 Hours
Spacesuit that Ideally Fits Everyone
Gibson Self-tuning Electric Guitar
Brain Chip that Allows Controlling a PC
Extra-Thin Solar Cells
Muscle Suit that Lifts Heavy Load
Camera for the Blind
Small Robots Created to Monitor the Ocean
Durable DVD Able to Last for 1,000 Years
Spray-on Solar Ink

Poll #8

Software Automatically Spots Virus Attack and Generates Repair Patches
System that Produces Power From Asphalt
Fingernail-size Chip Able to Store Up to 1TB of Data
Handy Fuel-cell that Recharges Devices on the Move
Smart Robotic Hand Gives Amputees the Feeling of Touch
Robot That Tests Visual Implants for Sightless People
System That Informs Whether Doctors' Hands are Washed
Spider Pill That Examines the Body for Severe Conditions
Tiny Nuclear Battery
Ion Engine to Allow Rockets Reach Mars in 39 Days

Poll #7

Sky Pods
Biogel that Cures Brain Injuries
Drug that Erases Unpleasant Memories
Technology that Makes 3D Maps Using Digital Photos
Batteries Made of Paper and Salt
E-nose that Identifies Smokers
Solar Panels that Produce Electricity Without Direct Sunlight
Device that Allows Visually Impaired to See With Their Tongue
Spacecraft that Redirects Asteroids from Earth
Swimming Robot for Studying Biodiversity

Poll #6

Green Vehicle Controlled by Computer
Vaginal Liquid Condom
Hologram Projector that Allows You to Feel a Hologram
Wave Power System
Robot Suit
World's Smallest Medical Video Camera

Poll #5

Water-Efficient Washing Machine
Ear-scanning anti-theft technology
System that Converts Boot Force into Electricity
Portable Microscope Attached to Mobile Phone
Cloak that Redirects Seismic Waves
Device that translates dog language
Moving virtual characters using own movements
Synthetic tree that captures CO2
3D sensors for no-touch interaction
Robot that writes prescriptions, deals out drugs

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