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Each month brings you top 10 latest inventions. From all of the stories on different inventions published in September 2011 we selected 10, and it is up to you to select the invention that you think is the most useful and/or original. Read about these inventions here. Powered by


Wearable Device that Detects Toxic Chemicals
Robotic Helpers from Panasonic
Brain Scanning System for Handset
Health-Monitoring T-Shirt
Autonomous Robotic Tractor
Roads Powering Electric Vehicles
LED Markings for Multi-Sport Fields
Typewriter that Makes Cocktails
Bottles of Clean Water that Replace Bulbs
Electric Helicopter


(19%, 5)Wearable Device that Detects Toxic Chemicals
(0%, 0)Robotic Helpers from Panasonic
(8%, 2)Brain Scanning System for Handset
(15%, 4)Health-Monitoring T-Shirt
(4%, 1)Autonomous Robotic Tractor
(12%, 3)Roads Powering Electric Vehicles
(0%, 0)LED Markings for Multi-Sport Fields
(4%, 1)Typewriter that Makes Cocktails
(8%, 2)Bottles of Clean Water that Replace Bulbs
(31%, 8)Electric Helicopter
Total votes: 26


71 votes

//1 Nov 02, 2011 09:37 PM | posted by: hana
i am new invention and discoveries freek. i wish i was a scientist.

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