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What kind of websites do you visit most often?

The Internet is a virtual universe where you can find probably anything you want. So what are you looking for over Internet most often, what websites do you visits and why? Pick one of the proposed variant, share a comment with other users about why you like to visit certain websites. If none of the variants suits you, remember that you can always leave a comment. Powered by


News websites
Science websites
Entertainment websites (images, videos)
Video game websites
Websites for programmers
Adult websites


(18%, 20)News websites
(32%, 36)Science websites
(13%, 15)Entertainment websites (images, videos)
(5%, 6)Video game websites
(4%, 5)Websites for programmers
(21%, 24)Adult websites
(7%, 8)Other
Total votes: 114


49 votes

//1 Jun 16, 2009 01:26 PM | posted by: sambobellofarouk [InfoKID]
What else could anyone be interested in.............

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