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ATA - New Show in the Auto Industry


The launch by Al Harithy Company for Exhibitions of the new autocare & transport arabia (ata) exhibition, 30 March - 02 April 2009 at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events, is expected to be most exciting new marketing opportunity for the automotive aftermarket, transport infrastructure and commercial vehicle sectors in the Saudi Arabia.

autocare & transport arabia (ata) is an offshoot of Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS) which marked the Pearl Anniversary (30 years) of its organization recently, and as a result of demand from these sectors and exclusive research, the it has been decided that is was the right time for the event as a standalone show.

As the Kingdom's first exhibition to focus on these three vital sectors, autocare & transport arabia (ata) will enable professionals, from both Saudi Arabia and other countries from the region, to benefit from an international forum that would reflect the growing requirements and diversity of the Saudi economy as well as the latest trends and developments.

The Kingdom represents the largest single automotive aftermarket in the entire Gulf Region, at the same time the market's new cars' segment remains strong, while the pre-owned segment continues to grow with over 46% of vehicles owned are second hand.

The Kingdom’s harsh climatic conditions and the vast distances traveled are the main reasons for the wear-out of vehicle parts and components, stimulating a growing market for car servicing and garage equipment of US$ 2.5 billion annually, complemented by the huge demand on customizing and high-end vehicle accessories.

Transport is widely recognized as the key to stimulating economic development where Saudi Arabia, which has one of the world’s fastest growing populations that relies heavily on its roads for both travel and freight, is currently spending billions and billions of dollars on its transportation infrastructure in support of an unprecedented building boom.

The absence of a comprehensive rail network stimulates the fact that the vast majority of freight is being transported by road. Hence the existence of a strong market for both new and used commercial vehicles, from small courier vans to large container vehicles.

The exhibition has already received encouraging response from the local industry. Zahid Tractors is the show sponsor with other leading participants being, Western Auto Company, Hyundai Heavy Vehicles, Abdul Latif Jameel (Spare Parts Division), Mohammed Assad Aldrees & Sons Company, Kia Motors (Spare Parts), ALRASSAM Heavy Equipment & Agriclture Machinery, alongside with other major local companies.

Representatives of the industry from China, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Europe, Egypt, Tunisia, U.A.E and Jordan are planning to visit the ata show at the end of March.

The show will be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Transport, with their active participation and also other several government bodies.

Public and private spending on transport infrastructure, the burgeoning population and reliance on motor vehicles – all of this provides enormous opportunities and the ata exhibition will be the core marketing platform for this lucrative and rewarding market for exhibitors. The broad exhibitor profile and its location in Jeddah, the Kingdom’s automotive capital and transport hub, will ensure that ata has all the essential ingredients to attract the decision making buyers and specifiers to a unique showcase.

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