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Bug tracking, wiki and other dev tools on your fingertips!


JIRADisney, UPS, NASA, Nokia, MIT, IKEA, Electronic Arts and Deutche Bank - what do these worldwide known companies have in common? The answer is that these companies, and many many more, use development software from Atlassian - an Australian-based company, founded by two graduates of an Australian University back in 2002.

Atlassian is a young software company, which does not follow any standard concept of existing software development firms. What they do is develop easy-to-use and easy-to-install development tools, such as bug tracking software, enterprise wikis, testing software, as well as other types of software for IT specialists and dev teams.

Let me take apart the most important works of guys from Atlassian. What they bet on, is on simplicity, and I like that. If you take JIRA - the first product of Atlassian, you see the simplicity and productivity in it. It's a bug tracking tool that works no matter what and this fact is proven by the list of the clients of Atlassian that you can find on their website. As one could notice a bit earlier, there are some pretty famous brands among the clients of Atlassian, so what these guys do - it's no joke! If the IT specs of these clients chose specifically JIRA for issue tracking, this tool is worth noting.

On the other hand there is Confluence - an extremely comfortable enterprise wiki software, which enables you, your staff or anyone else to have access to the knowledge base of your company, as well as add anything useful to your knowledge base. Wikis have become very popular today due to simplicity of use. As for Confluence - it makes editing, categorizing and storing information just as easy as riding a bike!

As mentioned earlier, Atlassian is a young company and it does not fall under any existing concept of a company. Atlassian's dev team is something different and you can see that even on their website, where anyone can familiarize oneself with every product, take a video tour, read through features or download a demo. All the info is available there. As an apps developer, I can tell you that JIRA (product that I work with every day), as well as Confluence, FishEye, Bamboo, Crucible, Clover deserve much attention from anyone willing to optimize one's work time.

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