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Easy-to-Use Guide on Consumer Electronics


Today there is a huge number of tech products on the Internet and it's getting harder to find what suits you the most, what product has the best features. Most often, before buying a certain product consumers look through various websites. They Google the product and have a long way to go with millions of websites ahead. This certainly requires some time. And this is what annoys most of us, buyers.

Allowing the customer to pick the best product with the best price was the main idea behind the on-line consumer guide, TestFreaks. Here consumers can find reviews from other consumers, ideas suggested by professional websites and surely the opinion from the blogosphere, and everything is housed under one design, which is a very pleasant one.

Currently a Beta version of TestFreaks.com is available, so its visitors are free to provide any new, original ideas regarding the website. Although the navigation on the website is quite easy there's also a flash guide on the home page that provides a better understanding of the site.

There are many features, expanding various modules, as there is a lot of information on every product. And probably one of the most important features is the price list, where you can also see whether the product is or not in stock of that particular store.

New Type of Review Aggregator

TestFreaks represents a new type of review aggregator that picks reviews and opinions of both users and experts. The site keeps you informed with the latest discussions on the product, thus making it easier for you to make a choice.

Consumers can analyze which are the top-rated products and what experts and other users think about these products. In addition, TestFreaks gathers the opinions taken from different forums, news, descriptions made by the manufacturers, images and video reviews for a better understanding of the product. The feature filtering on the site helps you surf through the products and categories easier. Just type the name of the product and the search will look through any matches in the products and categories and provide the necessary results. So you will be able to analyze prices of products - cell phones, for example - and make a better decision.

Users may also compare the products listed on the site. TestFreaks allows users to compare side-by-side up to 5 products.


There is a wiki-editing function available directly on the page. This function allows users to make their personal description on the product and in future it can be editable by any other user.

TestFreaks focuses on users' opinions rather than suggest its own. So it allows you to find the reviews of users just like you. Anyone passionate about consumer electronics and Internet sites is welcome to provide suggestions.

TestFreaks provides several additional features for consumer's convenience such as: Freak Score, Freak Grades, Buzz Index, Activity. All of them are meticulously described on the site's FAQ.

In the End

The site represents a great tool that allows customers to make the best choice. It is easy to use and it provides all the necessary information on the product. TestFreaks is a comfortable on-line consumer guide.

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