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SIMS Launched 2009 Models


The annual Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS) was held under the auspices of the Minister of Transport, Dr. Jobarah Al-Suraisry, at the Jeddah Center for Forums & Events, from December 27 to December 31 2008.

Organized by the Al-Harithy Company for Exhibitions Ltd., the SIMS’08 was the 30th edition, or the Pearl Anniversary, that covered vehicles, motorcycles, auto parts, accessories and garage equipment.

Sponsored by the National Commercial Bank, SIMS presented an annual marketing opportunity in the automotive industry calendar.

"As a bank that adds more value to banking, the National Commercial Bank always strives to offer its customers a world of unparalleled benefits by providing the finest range of innovative banking products and services to suit the needs of different segments in the Saudi market.

Today, buying or trading your car couldn't get any easier! Your dreams can come true through AlAhli Autolease Program which is fully Shariah compliant and is based on the Tawaroq mechanism.

With minimum procedures and a lot less paperwork compared to other vehicle leasing programs, AlAhli Autolease Program is definitely the smarter, faster and simpler choice!"

"For 30 years, SIMS has been at the pinnacle and consistently led the way in exhibition innovation for the automotive sector," said Mr. Zahoor Siddique, the Exhibitions Director.

The motor show was being held at a time when the Kingdom with its buoyant economy and strong purchasing power was enabling the car buffs to purchase the vehicles of their choice – from sedans to vans and from sport utility vehicles and 4×4s to some of the most luxurious models.

This time, there were extensive celebrations to mark the 30th year of exhibitions, while this year, 2009, ATA, SIMS and Premium Marques will see the Saudi International Motor Show develop into three separate events.

The 30 years from 1978 have been categorized mainly by stylistic changes driven by fashion, also evident in the way that cars were marketed 30 years ago. Buying a car in 2008-2009 is no longer a simple choice between a comfortable yet big heavy monster that all it does is swallow fuel like there is no tomorrow and a small FWD box on wheels that jars the spine with every bump and jolt. Even the lowest priced new car is now better equipped and specified than were most of the super luxury cars in 1978.

Air conditioning, electronic engine management, power steering, integrated audio systems and supple responsive suspensions are all pretty much standard in all cars from all manufacturers all over the world, which means that today's luxury cars have had to move even more up market to retain their position as luxury objects.

Thirty years of technological development have resulted in efficient, reliable, comfortable cars and there is only one word to describe buying a car in Saudi Arabia today - "Brilliant".

Last year, too, SIMS was linked to the launch of new car models.

In 2007, no fewer than 15 models made their debut at the show. As a first time visitor to the exhibition commented, "This is absolutely fantastic, I'm looking for a new car and here at SIMS I can see every make and all brands under one roof." He was especially delighted to see the complete range of accessories and financial services on the show.

All exhibitors and visitors were pleased with their participation and the level of business concluded. For most of hem, the show was the best to date with many achieving record deals.

"Where else can you see tens of thousands of potential customers each day. The annual motor show is the place and it has made all the difference for the car buffs," said Mr. Khalid Al Harithy, Marketing Manager, Alhamrani, Nissan.

"Each year, SIMS just gets better. It provides a great platform for participation and interaction with our customers in the rapidly growing Saudi market," said Mr. Sultan Salman, Retail Marketing Coordinator at General Motors from the Middle East.

SIMS 2009 Moto Show SIMS 2009 Moto Show
SIMS 2009 Moto Show SIMS 2009 Moto Show
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