Psychiatrists to officially recognize internet addiction as brain illness

According to the news entitled 'Psychiatrists to Officially Recognize Internet Addiction as Brain Illness', a person involved in excessive gaming, sending an excessive number of e-mails and text messages and spending a lot of time at adult websites may suffer from a compulsive-impulsive disorder widespread nowadays. This disorder may soon enter the official psychiatric guidebook of mental disorders.

Internet-addicted people demonstrate the same symptoms of a mental disorder as other addicts and experience urges, withdrawal and tolerance. They are constantly eager to have more and better software and most advanced equipment, and spend more and more hours on-line, without counting the time. Internet-addicts often ignore eating or sleeping, as well as other main drives. Considering high levels of relapse, some of them require psychoactive medications or even hospitalization.

Science (18 Mar, 2008)
Psychiatrists to Officially Recognize Internet Addiction as Brain Illness
An exaggerating number of e-mails as well as text messages may very soon be officially recognized as brain illness. ...
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