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To buy or not to buy a replica watch? - this question puzzles a lot of present-day customers. The market offers a great variety of replica watches characterized by different quality and available at a wide price range. Meanwhile, watchmaking specialists do not advise to buy replica watches and watchmaking companies fight counterfeiting.
Technology (03 Apr, 2007)
Can You Distinguish a Fake?
At present day fake watches have become serious competitors of authentic timepieces. Profits gained from fake watch businesses sometimes exceed the revenue of legal dealers of authentic timepieces. To buy a replica watch, you do not have to find a suspicious-looking guy glad to put you off a cheap fake. ...
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Offbeat (12 Apr, 2007)
Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details
Pre-owned Rolex watches have always enjoyed great demand. However, many customers are aware that Rolex is the most copied brand in the fake watch business. So, they are afraid to stumble upon the problem of identifying a real Rolex from its replica. ...
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Offbeat (30 Apr, 2007)
Cartier Fights Fake Watch Business
Different branches of the luxury goods industry withstand negative effects of piracy. Cartier, being one of the luxury brands facing the problem of counterfeiting, has its own ways of fighting it with success. ...
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Technology (07 May, 2007)
Fake Products - a Trifle or Economic Crunch?
A lot of customers have at least once bought a fake item. But most of them are not aware about negative effects fake goods may have on their lives. ...
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Offbeat (21 May, 2007)
Chinese Products - to Buy or not to Buy?

Just recently, U.S. consumers have been alarmed that a lot of pets died after eating Chinese tainted wheat gluten and rice protein. There have also been reports of toxins and disease in other goods exported from China.

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Offbeat (23 Jul, 2007)
Fake Goods - Socially Acceptable Among British
More and more British shoppers tend to buy counterfeit products, not feeling ashamed to tell their peers they own a fake. The study showed Ebay accounts for 29 percent of counterfeits purchases. ...
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Offbeat (31 Mar, 2009)
Romantic Couple Spends 20 Years Creating a Model of the Town They First Met
It took 20 years for a romantic couple to create a model of the town where they had their first date. ...
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Technology (22 Sep, 2009)
General Things to Know About Trojan Horse Viruses
A Trojan horse virus represents a malware that infects a system to help its author illegally gain access to a computer for various reasons, including stealing personal information. ...
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Offbeat (10 Aug, 2011)
Functional CNC Mill Made Using LEGO Mindstorms NXT
The CNC Mill is another incredible construction made using LEGO's Mindstorms NXT pieces. The three-axis mill is not only a fully functional device, but also provides realistic sounds of a running machine tool. ...
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Technology (18 Nov, 2011)
Giant Robot Snake Alerts About Climate Change
Several artists and engineers decided to team up in order to build a 35-foot robot snake with the goal of raising the awareness about climate change. ...
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Technology (14 Dec, 2011)
20 Gadget Gifts You Will (Most Likely) Not Get This Christmas
There are many options to choose from and a lot of articles write about the most suitable gifts, but in this article we decided to say the opposite and inform you about the cool gadgets that you will probably not get this Christmas for different reasons. ...
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