Robot to help neurosurgery

A robot to help neurosurgery has recently been developed at University of Calgary. The invention, called the NeuroArm, represents a great step forward in the field of surgery that will allow to eliminate mistakes often made by surgeons. The development process of the first MRI-compatible robot in the world lasted for six years and required close international collaboration of professionals in physics, software, optics and mechanics.

The robot, developed to works with real-time MR imaging, will be controlled by a surgeon via a computer workstation. The surgery will be performed on a microscopic scale. Right now the scientists conduct the thorough testing of the NeuroArm that is no doubt one of the most advanced robotic systems ever developed.

Technology (18 Apr, 2007)
Robot to Help Neurosurgery
Surgery can take a huge step towards the future due to a new surgical robot system, developed at University of Calgary. ...
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Technology (31 May, 2007)
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