Russian current events

Politics (14 Mar, 2007)
Only Diplomatic Means Are Allowed to Solve the Iranian Nuclear Issue
After a meeting, which has taken place in a small Italian town, Bari, two heads of two major political forces in the world - Italy and Russia - have expressed their views and opinions about the international political situation ...
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Current Events (03 May, 2007)
Timeline of the events in Tallinn, Estonia
A brief chronology of latest events in Tallinn, Estonia, caused by the decision of Estonian authorities to disassemble a Soviet Soldier monument of the WWII era. ...
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Politics (11 Aug, 2008)
Georgia Crisis: Genocide or War for Integrity?
Russia still faces strong pressure from the United States and EU for entering into the Georgia-South Ossetia conflict. US vice-president Dick Cheney told Mikheil Saakashvili that Russia's aggression must not go unanswered. Though Georgia announced cease fire in South Ossetia, Russian peacekeepers in the region stated that the promise was not kept. ...
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Politics (19 Mar, 2007)
Russia questions further existence of the CIS post-soviet organization
On a press conference the secretary of the Russian Security Council expressed his views towards the long existing Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Economic Community and USA affairs with Russia's neighbors. ...
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Science (07 Apr, 2007)
5th Space Tourist Has Left the Atmosphere
15th expedition to the ISS will arrive on Monday, April 9th at the space station. The expedition consists of two Russian cosmonauts and the 5th space tourist - Charles Simonyi, who has paid $25 million to experience the 'no-gravity' environment. ...
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Offbeat (12 Apr, 2007)
2.3 million alcoholics live in Russia
When the world saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia found itself in a difficult situation. Then the situation worsened and today the number of alcoholics has tripled in comparison with 1991. ...
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Technology (01 May, 2007)
Overcoming the Culture Shock with a Mobile Phone Game
A game technology expert at the University of Portsmouth developed a game which is to help overseas students overcome the culture-shock they will encounter within the campus of a certain university. ...
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Politics (04 May, 2007)
Further escalation in the Estonian - Russian relationship
Relationship between Russia and Estonia become more tense after Estonian police beat a representative of Moscow's external affairs department. ...
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Science (10 Jul, 2007)
NASA Buys Russian Hi-tech Toilet That Turns Urine Into Drinking Water
NASA specialists buy Russian space toilet for $ 19 million that can even turn urine into drinking water. ...
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Health & Fitness (10 Aug, 2007)
World's First Center to Treat Nail Biting Habit
The world's first center for treating compulsive nail biters will open in September in Venlo, Netherlands. ...
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Environment (10 Feb, 2010)
Sydney's Ugliest Building to Become an Eco-friendly Tower
The ugliest structure in Sydney could soon turn into one of the most remarkable sights in the city if designers from the architecture company Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) turn their idea into reality. ...
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Press-releases (19 Dec, 2007)
Find out what the Ethical Sourcing Forum is and what it is all about. Read the description, the goals and find out who the previous speakers and attendees were. ...
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Technology (12 Nov, 2009)
First Worm Attack on Apple iPhone
Australia registered the world's first worm that infects the Apple iPhone. The worm changes the wallpaper of the iPhone to an image of Rick Astley, a pop singer of the 1980s. ...
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Technology (05 Nov, 2009)
World's First Space Hotel to Open Soon
Galactic Suite Space Resort is going to be the world's first orbiting space hotel that is expected to open in 2012. ...
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Science (29 Jul, 2008)
Russian Scientists Reached the Bottom of World's Deepest Lake
According to Russian news reports, two Russian mini-submarines managed to reach the bottom of the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal, the depth of which is 1,680 meters. ...
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