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Buying a television is not an easy thing considering the variety of models on the modern market. LCD HDTV televisions become more and more popular as they provide great picture and sound contributing to superior broadcasting. However, each brand manufactures something special to attract its customers. A good example is Samsung LCD HDTV televisions. They're good for those who want to get a high-quality product for a reasonable price. Samsung LN19A450 and LN22A450 are among the most affordable models ($300-550$). They're reliable enough and produce good pictures and sound.

Samsung LN32A330 with 32" diagonal can be purchased for about $700. You'll enjoy its vivid color and sharp images. Besides, it can be used as a PC monitor where you can display photos and videos or listen to your digital music collection. 32" models and smaller ones are good for bedrooms and guest rooms, but rather small for the main living room.

If you're looking for bigger sets, a good choice is Samsung LN46A550 with 46" diagonal. It represents an excellent balance between price and performance. This model reproduces relatively deep black levels, provides accurate color and has three HDMI inputs and one PC input. In general, it's for those who prefer content to a bright cover.

Samsung 46A750 is more expensive ($1,600- $2,500), but it's a stylish unit that you'd be eager to show your friends. It combines extraordinary black-level performance with solid shadow detail and provides highly accurate color. This set has a broad selection of picture setup options, built-in interactive content and news as well as stocks and weather feeds. The 750 models have a touch of red color which is an advantage for those who like red and a disadvantage for those who don't. However, this attractive model has its drawbacks. First of all, its shiny screen reflects ambient room lighting. This problem appears by Samsung LN T4681F as well. A good alternative may be Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ800U which has similar properties and is not so glossy presenting one of the best- performing HDTVs.

If you're a wide screen fan Samsung LN 52A650 is exactly what you need. It is energy-efficient compared with most like-size LCDs, provides a superb black-level performance and highly accurate color. Instead of the standard glossy black frame, the LN52A650 has dark-red accents that cover the entire frame. You'll certainly like its price ($1900-$2900) which is quite low considering its size.

Now let's move to more expensive models, such as Samsung LN 46A950 ($2800-$3500), which presents the apogee of flat-panel LCD TV performance. It should be mentioned that its picture quality can easily rival the best plasmas. Besides, this model possesses an extensive interactive functionality, a superb connectivity with four HDMI and one PC input and an attractive design. The only problem is again a shiny screen. Samsung LN 52A860 as well as LN 55A950 are also popular for their innovative Touch of Color design. Auto Motion plus 120 Hz virtually removes any motion diffusion. If you want to experience unforgettable feelings of being in a different reality you should be ready to fork out.

Of course, it's up to you to decide which model to buy. But there is no doubt that Samsung LCD HDTV collection has something in store for you.

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