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A New Fan-Like Coral Discovered in Deep Sea


Scientists discovered a new species of coral in the depths of the Pacific Northwest. These corals live in a forestry environment on the peaks of underwater mountains. One more point to be added here is that these very corals are shaped like a fan.

The interesting thing is that these fan-like "bamboo corals" can reach heights of up to a meter. Their abundance amazes. There is a large number of deep sea creatures that inhabit oases, created by this species of corals. The "bamboo corals" were discovered at depths of 700 to 1,000 meters in the famous Alvin submersible by Peter Etnoyer – the marine biologist of Texas A and M University and his colleagues.

He says: "They look really, really big when you're underwater." According to Etnoyer, for many years trawlers brought up pieces of this species of corals in their nets. But no one even suspected about the real size of these mysterious corals as well as their beauty and importance for other underwater creatures, living at such depths.

Bamboo corals are animals that feed on organic material floating by. They inhabit in deep cold waters, which cannot be said about the hard corals. They also provide cover and shelter for fish, crabs and other sea creatures in this vast expanse of deep ocean floor.

According to the deep sea coral researcher Di Tracey of New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, besides food and shelter the bamboo corals also provide breeding grounds, that makes them important for fisheries. "Now, with the help of technological advances and remotely controlled submersible vehicles, these unusual creatures can finally be given the scientific attention they deserve," added Di Tracey. (ANI)

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only a very less % of the Plant and Animal population is explored we must work to explore more especially under sea

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