Friday, 03 Aug, 2007 Science

A New Tech to Trace Your Habits From a Drop of Sweat


Police will be able to find the information on suspect's sex and eating habits taking a drop of sweat and a fingerprint as a sample.

Researchers from Imperial College London discovered that person's fingerprints contain a lot of useful information about his or her habits and can even tell if the person is a vegetarian. The new technique that will be useful for police will reveal eating habits, gender, smoking habits and other personal details by making an analysis of the sweat that is left when person touches a surface.

The new method of collecting evidence from the sweat from fingerprints give vaster possibilities for crime investigations. Soon it's going to be even a main evidence if presented in the court.

This technique of fingerprint collection is performed through taking the fingerprint and the residue to the special tape that later will be analyzed at the laboratory with the help of infra-red technology. The method used earlier for crime investigation made it difficult to provide many personal details. Now the residue left on the print tells if the person is a man or a woman with men having higher levels of urea.

Scientists claim that fingerprint residue may even have some clues to the presence of drugs, gunpowder and other weapons. All this information used in forensic science play an important part and can considerably ease the investigation process.

Scientists say that laboratory equipment to make such analysis is already available and can be used in a year. The only thing left to make use of the technological improvement is financial and law support.

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