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Affair is a Real Headache That Can Lead to Death


Italian researchers found that having an affair increases your chances of having painful migraines and can be even fatal.

Lorenzo Pinessi, a neurologist at the Italian Migraine Society, noticed that about 15 percent of Italian population, mostly men suffer from the unbearable headaches.

Scientists revealed that men, who have an affair and suffer from this type of migraines, face the greatest risk. "This type of headache can be exacerbated by a series of factors like aphrodisiac food, performance-enhancing drugs, physical strain and psychological stress caused by the need to keep the relationship secret,'' Pinessi said.

He also added that sexual position also matters and in such situations men should avoid standing position due to the increased pressure on heart.

In some cases, people involved in an affair may suffer severe migraine attacks, lasting up to three hours and this may lead to a potentially critical condition called cerebral aneurysm.

Dr.Pinessi told that people who have these problems should talk honestly to their doctors about the situation. He also recommended taking some time-out from an affair and having a brain scan.

The results of the study were presented at the opening of an international conference in Turin.

Source: Italy magazine

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