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New Anti-Obesity Drug Tricks Body Into Burning Off Fat

Anti-Obesity Drug

According to the team of scientists from the University of Louis Pasteur, France, they have discovered a drug able to trick human body into burning off fat (even in case of high-fat diet).

Scientist made their experiments on mice and found that a low dose of the new drug, called SRT1720, protected the animals against extra weight gain and resistance to insulin after ten weeks of treatment. Apparently the drug targets SIRT1, a protein that scientists believe slows down ageing.

British experts in obesity consider that the new drug treatments must be applied but only considering lifestyle changes. Despite the easy rule to combat extra weight (i.e. more physical activity and change in diet), it might be hard for some people to shift excess weight.

It is worth mentioning that after the anti-obesity pill, called Acomplia, was removed from the market because of a number of safety concerns, the offer of drugs for obese people significantly reduced.

French scientists noticed that SRT1720 transfers the metabolism to a fat-burning mode, which usually starts when the body is weak. By raising the dose of the drug, researchers were able to entirely prevent extra weight gain in mice. In addition, the drug improved the blood sugar tolerance in mice, as well as insulin sensibility.

No side effects were identified throughout the experiments. But, scientists are cautious about the use of the drug on humans, saying that additional tests must be made.

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