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Ex-Astronaut Says Plan to Blast Asteroids With Nuclear Weapons is Bad


Ex-Astronaut Says Plan to Blast Asteroids With Nuclear Weapons is BadAccording to former NASA astronaut, the plans of the Agency to blow up asteroids "attacking" Earth using nuclear weapons is a bad idea to dodge the threat.

In a response to NASA report, which referred to nuclear weapons as the most effective option to prevent a catastrophic asteroid collision with our planet, Rusty Schweichart mentioned that the majority of heavenly bodies might be redirected by a smash from behind or if asteroids are dragged to safety with unmanned spacecraft.

It is worth mentioning that Rusty Schweichart is an Apollo 9 legend, who spent over 240 hours in space. Mr Schweichart is now a scientist who heads the B612 Foundation, an organization that supports plans to change the path of asteroids that could come in contact with Earth.

In a public meeting, held in San Francisco, the former NASA astronaut stated that politics were the ones to force NASA to come up with the idea of using nuclear missiles.

Mr Schweichart said that nowadays we are just unaware of what is heading towards our planet. However, scientists will be much more informed after new powerful telescopes go online.

"The good news is that we can do something about this. The marriage of we human beings and the machines that we've created are now at a level of capability which enables us to ... stop this process from occurring," he said.

Two years ago, in May 2005, Rusty Schweichart told the US Congress that attaching a radio transmitter to the asteroid called 99942 Apophis would be the right decision.

According to the latest statistics 99942 Apophis has 1 in 45,000 chances of hitting Earth in 2036.

Source: Sky News.

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